Sponsored XC Racer Terry Dial

We're happy to have Terry on board going in to the 2009 season!
Terry started racing in 2005 on his Ute. The first year he finished 9th overall for the year. He went on racing again with the Ute in 2006 and reeled in a 3rd for the year. For 2007 Terry is currently placing 1st and we believe he has it wrapped up for the year. Next year Terry plans on running the woodsman class or senior 1 with his Honda 450R in the CRA hare scramble series throughout Ohio. Terry takes his family to every race and they're his team that keeps him going. "They give me support when I feel I didn’t do well and push me to do good on the next one. I thank them for all they do for me, and make sure I brought everything to the race before we leave." Terry says.

Thank you Terry and Good Luck in the 09 Season!

Sponsored XC Racer Mike Dudas

Mike Dudas Owner of A.O.T. is a new comer to the world of Cross Country racing. With only 12 races under his belt he has quickly climbed from 100 of 212 riders to 13th place. Next year he's possibly going to race Senior I. A big thanks goes out to his family that helps support his racing. His Dad can be found on any raceday out in the trails with a camera taking photos and video. It really has turned into a family event!

Good luck in the 2009 Season Mike!

Sponsored XC Racer Paul Myers

A.O.T. is happy to have Paul on board going in to the 2009 season!

Paul, started racing CRA in 1999 off and on until 2002-03 he and a few buddies raced for points, Paul ended up 5th in the year end points for 4stroke then started working out of town and in Iraq for a few years to come back in 2006 and race for points winning the championship. In 2007 he attempted the same strategy but injured his knee early in the year. Only to end up losing first place in the last few races. He could also be seen at the GNCC in Sommerset, where he finished 3rd after leading the hole race in 20+( flat rear tire on the last lap).

Paul is a quick rider who has proven himself time and time again we're happy to have him on our team.

Good luck in the 2009 CRA and GNCC season Paul!

Thank you Paul and Good Luck in the 2009 Season!

Sponsored XC Racer Brian Chelsted

A.O.T. is happy to have Brian on board for the 2009 season!
Brian started riding when he was 7 or 8 yrs old on a 70cc quad.
This is what happend from there:

Major Accomplishments:
-1st win in 1991 @ Big Valley Turkey run on the Honda 70cc!
-4th Place overall Woodsman for 2007
-2 Amateur Overall wins in the CRA in 2008
-2008 Geico Mountain RIdge Jr. B Class champion

Future Plans:
I plan on finishing the 2008 season in the OPEN Class in the CRA series. As far as GNCC goes, I plan on racing a few more B class races and move to the A class at the end of the year, or early next season. As long as I'm healthy and still having a blast racing, you will continue to see me on the track!!
Special thanks:
Special thanks go out to Tru-Way racing, All Out Throttle, and my Dad and Mom for all of their support. I wouldn't be where I'm at in my racing career without them!

Thank you Brian and Good Luck in the 2009 Season!

Sponsored MX Racer Larry Covey

A.O.T. is happy to have Larry on board going in to the 2009 season!
Larry Covey, started riding in 1982 and started racing quads back in 1993. In 1994 he took 4th overall in the CRA 4 stroke quad class after ending the season early due to an injury.

After the 1994 season, he decided to go to college and stopped riding altogether until several friends talked him into racing again in 2005. That year he raced a borrowed, stock 400ex in the Ohio Police and Fire Olympics and took a Gold medal in the Stock Quad Class as well as a silver medal in the Modified Class. In 2006 he took gold in the Police and Fire Olympics before heading off to Indiana to Race the Indian Police and Fire Beneift. Once in Indiana he took a 3rd place in the 4 Stroke Quad class.

In 2007, he purchased his TRX450R and raced the Ohio Police and Fire Benefit and took two gold medals in the 4 stroke quad class. He also finished 5th at the Summit County fair race after mechanical issues caused a bad start.

In 2008, he and a few others have started a multi state East Coast Police and Fire Championship. For the first time, they will be racing 3 series in Ohio, one in Indiana, one in Maryland, and one in New York. He will be attending all of these events as well as several CRA events here and there.

Thank you Larry and Good Luck in the 2009 Season!

Sponsored XC Racer Rob Errett

A.O.T. is happy to have Rob on board going in to the 2009 season!
This is Rob's first year racing but he's been riding quads since age 10. At age 18 he got a streetbike got into stunt riding pretty heavy but over the past few yrs has had too many run ins with the law because of it. So he's decided to try his hand at ATV racing.

After only 5 CRA races he has already managed to clench 3 first place trophys and a third place as well. He'll be finishing up the season in woodsman and trying a few new classes by the end of the year to see where he'll fit in for next season.

Rob definitely has alot of promise and we look forward to supporting him throughout his 2009 season!

Thank you Rob and Good Luck in the 2009 Season!

Sponsored XC Racer David Singleton

A.O.T. is happy to have Dave on board going in to the 2009 season!

Future Plans:
Race one whole season in open C and move thru the ranks..  Plan on moving up to open B in 2010.  Hit the GNCC's that I can.  Support A.O.T. anyway I possibly can.
Special Thanks:
A.O.T. for helping me along the way.  My mother and sister for helping anyway they can.  Timmy Heath, Justin Cox, Kyleer and Tommy Vance for their support during the season.  Also a big thanks to my Girlfriend Jenny Jenczalik for putting up with me during the season.

Thank you Dave and Good Luck in the 2009 Season!

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